Sunday, July 12, 2009


The Warrior Mojo is the next faceoff head in question. This head has also gotten many mixed reviews but I'm about to break this one down a bit further and tell you why I don't like this head for facing off. What comes into question about the Mojo is just like every other lacrosse head on the market, its shape of the throat, flexibility, durability, and the ability to win faceoffs.

-Shape of the throat

At first when you look at this head it looks like it could be a decent head for facing off, until you look at it from the back. The reason I feel so against using a head like this is because of how wide the throat becomes on the backside of the lacrosse head. If I wanted to use an extremely wide head why wouldn't I just faceoff with a goalie stick, might as well give me the same chance of winning. This is definitely the main turn off for this head. It needs to be pinched.


Because of this heads longish shape, it seems to give this head some great flexibility. This is absolutely a quality you need in a good faceoff head. This head is able to stand up for some beatings and depending on how rough you are maybe even last a full season. I know many faceoff guys like me would be happy to make it through a season with maybe just one or two broken heads.


Similar to the flexibility this head is very durable. You can flex the stick without worrying too much that it might just snap on you. You can take it into that scrap and know that if some xxl kid steps on it, it won’t break in two.
I feel that this heads ability to win faceoffs is smaller than any other head out on the market. I feel that many other head would make a better faceoff head than this one simply because I’m against the way the back of the throat is shaped and how much more difficult this makes it for winning. Overall i would give this faceoff head a 3/10 when it comes to specializing in faceoffs. Move this head to any other position and i feel this could be a great asset to your game, just not facing off.


  1. Im a fogo at my school and i need a really good head that wont break, is somewhat stiff, and is an overall good head. Suggestions?

  2. The first question I have for you is whether you are in High school still, or have moved to college NCAA play. Currently, the only level of play that has adopted any revised stick specifications for the 2010 season is the NCAA collegiate level and other leagues that use NCAA rules. So I will answer your question for both scenarios.

    For high school level play my personal favorite of every head I've played with is the Warrior Blade 1.0. Unfortunately the 1.0 is no longer in production but the Blade 2.0 is a very close second since there weren't any major changes to the original. Like you, I was looking for a stiff head that could take a beating at the X and still throw on the money. The Blade 2.0 seemed to fill all those needs and is what I feel is the best face-off head at high school Level play.

    For the college level player this decision might be a bit tougher considering this will be the first season the new rules will be implemented. During fall ball I did seem to prefer one head over the others which was the Warrior EvoPro X6. I Favor this head because it was the closest feel to the now illegal older heads. The X6 is made to the minimum specifications for NCAA play and you won't find anything smaller. As for stiffness the head Is holding up and feels just as stiff as when I bought it about 4 months ago.

    So for college play I would Recommend the EvoPro X6 and for high school the Blade 2.0. Hopefully you found this helpful and that this is what you were looking for. If you have any other questions just leave another post and I'll get back to you.


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