Thursday, September 8, 2011

Communicate with the other middies

Communicate with your teammates on which way you are going to rake the ball to them.

More often than not, the middie taking the faceoff cannot win the ball to himself. That is why you rake it out to your teammates who are running in. Be sure to communicate to them where they should be.

If they don't get to the ball first, then it is often your own fault. I always place the long stick middie on my left side, because I usually win it to my right. I place the other middie back and to my left, to prevent the fast break.

The lacrosse faceoff person is often overlooked on younger teams. College teams realize how much of an asset a good faceoff man is.


  1. The main thing is that you communicate before the draw. It all happens too fast to try to talk during it. Along with the goalie, faceoff is the most important position.

  2. I totally agree with Lacrosse Gear Review's comment.

    Your face-off starting lineup needs to have already communicated on the face-off strategy BEFORE the face-off even happens!


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